Finews Asia - Extract of the interview of Christian Fringhian

Christian Fringhian, why should a private bank set out to become a boutique corporate adviser.

Most of our clients, or prospects, are enterpreneurs. An entrepreneur makes little between the management of wealth and the management of the tool of value creation – the company.

A client wants to make sure that he or she is talking to a partner who understands that a financial decision has ripple effects through his whole construct: family, personal wealth, company, and so on.

Aren’t they two fundamentally different businesses?

All of the partners at Reyl & Cie have experience with large investment banks like Barclays, J.P. Morgan, BNPP and Credit Suisse. We all witnessed the challenges of integrating corporate finance with wealth management, essentially due to cultural differences. As ex-investment
bankers, it was natural for us to consider investment banking products and services to our clients.



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