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Being your bankers is not enough. We strive to be a true partner, delivering the innovative solutions that address your every need.

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Annual report 2022

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Market Insight
Investment outlooks
An investment vehicle is a financial product that provides investors with asset management services. Behind every product –...
2023 will be noted for the elevated levels of global economic & political risks and a new awareness of the fast-emerging...
Market Insight
Investment outlooks
What happened in 2023? Historically, Asia has benefitted from China’s strong growth and the FED’s loose policy. In 2023, both went...


[Weekly insight 💡] According to CIO Nicolas Besson: 👉 After 500bps rate hike by the Fed, real yields remain in negative territory across the curve from 2 years onwards, if you deflate the nominal curve by the core PCE, the Fed’s favourite inflation measure.

Jon Duncan
Mr. Duncan, the COP28 Climate Change Conference has recently been held in Dubai. Its results are qualified differently: from «too...
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REYL Intesa Sanpaolo is proud to have been voted “Outstanding Boutique Private Bank in Switzerland” during Private Banker...
Telle une oasis suspendue au milieu du passage des Lions, le nouveau siège social de la banque genevoise se veut minimaliste et...