REYL & Cie launches Fund Representation Solutions

REYL & Cie (“REYL”) has expanded its Asset Services business line by offering Fund Representation Solutions. This addition complements the services already on offer for international fund managers by representing foreign collective investments for distribution in Switzerland.

This new initiative is part of the REYL Group’s drive to continue developing its expertise in high value-added services, this time for its institutional clients, and further enhances the offering from the Asset Services business line, which is run by Andreas Söderholm and encompasses paying agent services. Access to these foreign funds will also foster commercial synergies between the Asset Management and Corporate Advisory & Structuring business lines.

The new Fund Representation Solutions team, which is comprised of Philippe Steffen, Head of Operations, and Colin Vidal, Head of Business Development, aims to develop representation services for foreign collective investments by providing professional services to international fund managers and promoters looking to distribute their funds in Switzerland. This new offering complements REYL’s paying agent solutions and enables institutional clients to access all the services they need to distribute foreign funds to Swiss investors in one place. 

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