Finews - No Trade Deal Will Solve the Issues

Free trade and integrated supply chains are a thing of the past. Today, China and the U.S. are slugging it out over who will dominate the world – with Huawei the symbol of a fight that will last a long time, says Daryl Liew, head of investment and portfolio management at REYL in Singapore.

What do you make of the markets this year so far?

We had a good start to the year. Then, trade moved back to the agenda again. But this isn’t just about trade – the U.S. strategy is more about containing China’s rise because the U.S. administration perceives China as a threat.

Is there a specific issue that drives the U.S. administrations strategy to contain China?

Huawei! The company is huge, it’s the No. 1 in telecom equipment and the No. 2 in smartphones. China will not let Huawei go down. The problem with Huawei is that the conflict isn’t about sanctions as such but is a reflection of national security considerations.

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