REYL Group is launching a new socially responsible certificate: REYL Impact Investing Global Equities

The REYL Group is launching a new investment product, REYL Impact Investing Global Equities, which is an international equity AMC enabling investors to engage in responsible and sustainable investing. In order to satisfy the growing demand from clients, the Bank is planning to launch other impact-investing products soon, notably in fixed-income and private equity.

The recruitment of Nicolas Pelletier in 2018, who is in charge of socially responsible investing at REYL & Cie, has enabled the Bank to launch a new innovative socially responsible investment vehicle. The new REYL Impact Investing Global Equities certificate, launched on 8 March 2019, with daily liquidity, aims to contribute towards reaching the United Nations 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) while also delivering attractive returns. 

REYL Impact Investing Global Equities invests solely in companies involved in products or services which have a positive impact and contribute significantly to the SDGs. Qualitative and quantitative factors are taken into account in selecting the best suited securities in terms of both profitability and sustainability. This conviction-based approach leads to the construction of a highly-diversified portfolio in terms of sectors which is concentrated on 30 or so different stocks.

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