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Ruth Metzler-Arnold

Ruth Metzler-Arnold



Ruth Metzler-Arnold first started her career at UBS before joiningPricewaterhouseCoopers as a chartered accountant in 1990. She was elected Councillor for the Canton of Appenzell Innerrhoden in 1996, responsible for the finance department. She was then elected to the Swiss Federal Council in early 1999 and headed the Federal Department of Justice and Police until the end of 2003. The fourteen initiatives put forward by her department during this period were approved by referendum. She ended her term as Vice-President of the Swiss Government. After leaving the Swiss Federal Council, Ruth Metzler-Arnold taught at the University of St. Gallen/HSG. She joined the Executive Committee of Novartis Group France and became Head of Investor Relations at the head office in Basel, as well as holding a position on the Board of Directors of SIX Group until 2011. She co-founded a strategic management and communications consultancy, KMES Partner at the end of 2010 which she left at the beginning of 2020. She chairs or is a member of several Boards: AXA Insurance Switzerland, FehrAdvice & Partners AG, Swiss Medical Network SA and Switzerland Global Enterprise. She also chairs the board of the foundation for the Pontifical Swiss Guard and is a member of the Board of the Swiss think tank Avenir Suisse. She was appointed to REYL & Cies Board of Directors in 2016.


Ruth Metzler is a graduate of University of Fribourg (Law Degree ‘89) and a certified public accountant (’94).